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For some students prescribing of specific Gem Pishti powders, fasting and other remedial measures are suggested to offset malefic effects or enhance weak planetary positions which are afflicted in the natal chart and are aggravated by certain time transits. Primarily a spiritual approach, this system of tantra is offered for guidance and self knowledge.

Jyotish investigates the influence of the planets as they shed light on the meaning of our lives, the predictable ups and downs we experience, and the nature of our karma as it unfolds in each incarnation. A Tantric Astrology reading provides a detailed overview of your major samskaras, purpose and evolutionary possibilities. It is a precise and remarkably accurate language for predicting and planning events, and for advising on health and relationship matters.

Muhurtas, which are available through careful analysis of the chart and may take the form of certain pujas, gemstone council, chanting certain mantras, are often used to help clients through the more difficult planetary influences they may experience.

A Tantric Master's View of Tantra

My training, personal exposure and practice as a student and practitioner of this ancient yogic system, for the past 3 decades, has proven to be a dynamic arena. Many years as a Self-help Healthcare Educator, and ongoing, passionate, in depth study of Tantra are combined to offer clients a mandala of assistance in their search for serenity, sound action and genuine spiritual growth.

For example Telephones, Mobiles, Automobiles etc. In the same way Astrological and Spiritual Yantras are made to get benefits from them. For example Voice Command Softwares and Voice Recognition devices which operate only after hearing a specific set of words in a specific rhythm and tone which simply means that they would operate after a voice password spoken by a particular individual who possesses that specific rhythm and tone in his voice. In the same way Mantras can be used to get Astrological and Spiritual benefits.

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But the meaning of Tantra would simply mean System or to do a specific set of things in a specific order to get a specific result. For example the conception of a child is a Tantra which involves the Fertilization of an Egg inside a Female body by a Male Sperm which fertilizes the egg and the process of reproduction starts. In the same way depositing money in a bank, cooking food, booking a movie ticket etc. Astrologers also make use of Tantras to get specific benefits for a specific person by doing a specific set of things. Moving on with the topic, Tantras and Yantras are very commonly used techniques in day to day life of humans while the Horizons of the Mantra technique are still being explored by scientists and inventors.

But expert Astrologers already know the importance and principles of working behind these techniques and use all of them effectively to get desired results for their clients. GemStones and other devices like Sidh Yantras, they all fall in the category of Yantras and do their job automatically once they have been installed properly on a human body. The common remedial measures like performing some specific charities to some specific persons or places on a specified day and time, these are all Tantras and they definitely work if the Astrologer prescribing them knows the exact codes of the Tantra behind a specific Remedy.

The quantum theory the spine of modern physics fails infamously in attempts to describe and explain the behaviour of both the micro and macro worlds. How possibly could a nice and neat theory like the quantum theory survive such a chaotic view? Unfortunately but nevertheless part of the greater pattern we have learned to some degree to manipulate and trigger certain reactions of the nuclear world, without being able to see and understand the infinite universes that we are affecting.

Modern magicians can blast the earth to cosmic dust but are unable to treat the simplest of psychosomatic disorders. With all our science and knowledge we must admit that we are neither managing the earth nor ourselves very efficiently. Most of us spend our lives looking outside only, trying to become rich, famous or just happy.

Most of us never bother or dare to look within.

Inside is dark, unexplored territory and naturally we are terrified. Experience of collective sorrow lying just under the skin, words of millions of ancestors whose genes we carry, whisper softly in our ears. Of course, we need light and the guide to pass through that vast uncharted realm.

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Out of mere compassion for them, I, dwelling within their self, destroy the darkness born out of ignorance by the luminous lamp of knowledge. India is a real treasury of the world. It has preserved intact the great teachings of the Upanishads, Puranas, yoga, etc. The generous, tolerant and compassionate nature of its people allowed the greatest freedom of worship and communion with the divine. Anything that triggers inspiration and mirrors the divine in our own vision is qualified as an object of worship.

Mercury Tantric Mantra

Most importantly, India has preserved the living spiritual tradition of the guru parampara that is the akhanda jyoti, eternal light, carried from the beginning of time. The people of the West are suffering from severe spiritual malnutrition. Even after two thousand years, its greatest spiritual inspirer, Christ, is still nailed to the cross and is dying.

This is a very depressing image. Why are we watching Him dying, feeling sorry both for Him and for ourselves, with our hearts burdened with guilt? Why are we waiting like beggars, hoping that someone will come and do our duty and take our responsibility? There are hundreds of sects and half-a-dozen religions in the world, but the purpose is completely lost.

Tantra Nepal - Tantric & Ayurvedic Healing Centre Kathmandu

They exist today as very powerful organizations, but even they do not know what they are talking about. In the West, we have perfected to a high degree the art of observing the outer world in a style where the observer and the object of observation are always separate. Now it has been observed that the objects of the world are not behaving objectively and are constantly moving and changing appearance and behaviour in accordance with the observer. On the other hand, the East has preserved and further perfected the knowledge that if any object is observed for long enough with undivided concentration, the observer, object of observation and the process of observation become one.