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A beautiful and loving personality but Sun opposite Uranus makes her strongly independent which gets in the way of her desire for harmony and stability.

How You Solve Problems In Life, According To Your Pallas Sign

The Sun and Venus are both on stars in the constellation Cepheus, the King which confirms the royal lineage. I talked earlier about the South Node in the stellium with asteroid Pallas, all in constellation Crater, and how that gave a link to genetics in the female line. As an example of this, plus the father daughter relationship theme, I will use my story. I have asteroid Pallas conjunct Mercury, as does my mom. Mercury ruling children means we both have some shared issue regarding father daughter relationships.

What Does Pallas Mean In Astrology? What It Says About Our Intelligence

I have three kids now, and being a single parent I rely on mom and she is passionate about being there for them. All my kids have conjunctions to Pallas, even the boy with Jupiter. Moon Uranus has meant some distance from her mother, so asteroid Pallas in there is so descriptive of this girls life.

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We obviously have a close relationship and she has to look for me not only for the firmness and independence that Demeter talked about, but also for the maternal nurturing of the Moon, as I have to play the mother role, to some extent anyway. I hope a late comment is ok. I have Pallas 2 minutes away from my sun in sidereal Aquarius in the 9th and I am female. I have a much different view of Medusa and the type of feminine energy she represents.

If Athena is just and tactful and only goes for the kill when necessary, then what did Medusa do to cause her to act this way? Perhaps she betrayed Athena in some way? Medusa could represent the type of woman who feels victimised and yet clueless to the part her own actions play in the enfolding drama. She may have once been innocent and wronged but as portrayed by her hideous countenance, she has allowed her sense of injusticed to turn her into a nasty, bitter old woman who has now become the threat.

We all know malevolent women like that who stop you stone cold with their joy sucking being and their malicious lies. When these women are spotted, they play victim and appeal to your pity in order to immobilise your defences. Strategist Athena has armed you with a mirror, so you look at the actions, not the person and are not distracted by pity plays. Athena should be applauded for the courage shown in cutting out this cancer before it spreads, knowing full well that she would be accused of being a traitor to her sex by some.

Just like some feministas accused the late Margaret Thatcher of not being female. OMG thank you for that pithy, meaty, veracious story version of medusa and pallas athena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are right ON, gf. Spot on. Love it. I concur.

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All the rest. Well said. And, thank you! Thought I should share that here considering. Nice feedback Pink and Ruby. I copped a bit of flack when I first posted this because of giving Medusa a bad write up. There really is hostility between Athena and Medusa, you can still see this play out in the archetypes, in relationships.

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Her fate was to suffer at the hands of the Gods. At the beginning of the 19th century, several small planets or asteroids were discovered orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. Almost years later, as the feminist movement moved into full swing, astrologers began to experiment with these new archetypes. The first asteroids to be discovered were named after four major Olympian goddesses — Ceres, Juno, Vesta and Pallas Athene. All four were important in Greek mythology, overseeing the important initiations and stages of life and interestingly enough, their cults predate those of their male counterparts.

Prior to the discovery of these asteroids, astrologers recognised only two female archetypes - the Moon woman as mother and nurturer and Venus woman as seductress and lover. As they gradually began to use the asteroids in chart interpretation, the cults of these ancient goddesses were rediscovered and celebrated. The rise of the feminine had begun! In this article we will examine the mythology and astrological symbolism of the goddess and asteroid, Pallas Athene. Not only did Pallas not have a normal birth, she was born fully mature and clothed in a suit of armour!

Pallas is the archetype of the proud daughter born of a powerful sky father and an intuitively wise mother. The Greeks worshipped Pallas as the goddess of wisdom and justice, patroness of the arts and protectress of the state of Athens.


Perceptive and wise, her counsel could always be relied upon. She combined the bravery of the warrior with a cool strategic and intellectual approach. Think of a female litigation lawyer or top woman tennis player. This asteroid is often prominent in the charts of creative and artistic people, and those who do some creative work for a living. These people often create some visual art forms and are into design, movies, painting, architecture, photography, sculpting, pottery, and similar crafts.

People with strong Pallas can also be gifted with diplomatic skills and have a talent for diplomacy and politics. Those with badly aspected Pallas can lack these skills. Bad aspects of Pallas could also make a person weak or aggressive. Men can exhibit feminine traits, such as weakness and dependability, while women can become overly aggressive and negate their femininity. They might behave dominant and competitive especially in male company. This asteroid also reveals how we deal with the issues related to Pallas ruled areas, such as our creativity, diplomatic skills, relationship issues, or how we handle fear of success.

They are often successful psychologists, detectives, spies, and successful healers who use the methods of hypnosis and past life regression to help heal their patients.

PALLAS ATHENA in TAURUS "Gaining Stable Direction" - Special Astrological Horoscope

These men often have magnetic energy and are able to almost hypnotize people into following their lead. These women are very aware of their environment and pick on the vibrations of people. They can spot negativity very easily. With bad aspects of Pallas, these women can use their magnetic influence on people to manipulate because they instinctively desire to follow these women and men with this placement as well. People with Pallas in Scorpio can be manipulative and use their abilities for bad purposes, as well as be prone to criminal activities. They are usually capable of seeing through things and people and discovering what is beneath the surface.

They are excellent psychologists who are able to fathom the subconscious reasons for the health issues of a person.