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Sagittarius Symbol, Planet, Element and Quality

Just as a fire can move quickly and uncontrollably, so can Sagittarius as they flit from one thing to the next, never looking back. While the process of exploration is what fuels Sagittarians and translating that to others as a teacher and philosopher , they need to be aware of their tendency to procrastinate. Indeed, Sagittarians are enthusiastic consumers of information and enthusiastic in general , the better to get the answers they need.

Those born under this sign can be quite self-indulgent since things come so easily to them thanks to their charming and sociable personality. Smart Archers, however, will catch themselves in time, the better to continue their good work.


These folks love their physicality and are often athletic, and certainly full of stamina. Archers are outgoing, enthusiastic and tend to overstep their bounds as a result, falling prey to the likes of foot-in-mouth disease. Are you a Sagittarius man or a Sagittarius woman? Often, however, their words serve to inspire others and to get things going. Yes, Sagittarians are straight-ahead folks who are curious, spiritual and true believers. The fact that they attract others with ease should be no surprise, since they have a great sense of fun and enjoy a good time. Suitable Jobs for Sagittarius by Blood Type.

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Love Match. What are obstacles in love for Sagittarius Temptation! Anyone who is charming will make the Sagittarius change about. So the crux of relationship lies here. The Sagittarius will be sure to get hooked if anyone flirts with them. Playful, go out frequently and don't work hard; Afraid of boring life and like to make friends; Optimistic and fond of jesting; Unlikely to bear grudges, generous and flexible; Honest and peace-loving; Make effort at the last moment; Magnanimous and frank; Quick in action, good at sports and thrill-seeking; Always have a whim and adventurous; Have no knowledge of reading faces and worldly wisdom; Take no count of spirit and often hurt others; Take no count of discipline and peccable; Impatient, slovenly, muddled and careless.

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Sagittariuses like to work and live with people who are younger than them. So, teacher is the most suitable job for them. They are able to adapt themselves to different circumstances and they have less demanding for jobs. Making some friends and getting well with others are professional pursuit of Sagittariuses. Birthday Gift Tip: Pick up the weird gifts for them from here. The Sagittarius is one of the most straightforward signs of the zodiac.

Sometimes they speak the truth bluntly which might bring an upheaval in a happy home or a calm office. But in their mind, they see the clear picture of the future. It is good to stay away from lies and the Sagittarians feel it is their utmost duty and responsibility to disclose the lies.

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In the beginning, it may feel like a bumpy ride when a lie or debauchery is revealed but in the long run people, it would help people. One simply cannot cage a Sagittarian with rules and routines. They are the rule breakers — mind it!

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Sagittarians distance themselves from people who try to control them. Being independent is a virtue in a world of people who are trying to copy each other or follow the footsteps of others. Birthday Gift Tip: A cool personalized t-shirt with your choicest words!

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A Sagittarius can read you like a book. They are blessed with a unique quality of knowing people in bits and pieces only minutes after meeting them. Their immense observational skills make them look into all the details which easily everyone must have missed. A Sagittarian can be a detective as their intuition can never go wrong. Birthday Gift Tip: Surprise with midnight delivery of designer cake! They would take every kind of risks for that big dream and ambition. They know it deliberately that to win something big in life, risks are obvious. They are special for this recklessness!