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Clarity could arrive shortly after the month begins. On October 7, the Sun will lock horns in its semiannual square with stubborn Saturn, which might spark a battle of wills. On the other hand, simmering sexual chemistry can reach full consummation today, if only because the tension is too strong to resist. It may be impossible to hold back your feelings!

Scorpio (astrology)

Squares can bring things to a breaking point OR a turning point. One way or the other, it will likely be a relief to get out of limbo. On October 13, Pluto will get embroiled in a square to the full moon in Aries and your eleventh house of groups, networking and technology. These lunar beams mark an important day for any collaborative endeavors, so make sure you get out and mingle proactively. You could meet some amazing people who SEEM to be on the same page as you. But with shadowy Pluto in the mix, be careful how much you reveal right off the bat since not everything will be out in the open.

Keep confidential intel under wraps until you learn more about how and if! Take precautions with anyone you meet online as well as this moon-Pluto conflict could set the stage for catfishing, identity theft or another kind of digital scam. Steer clear of borrowing and lending money with friends or getting involved in anything involving finances or assets. Have you been on the fence about a certain friendship and whether it can go the distance?

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This full moon could bring a decisive moment. You can address those issues at their root and move forward, or you might wind up severing ties or the time being and shift to a new crew. The raw and primal energy of the Aries full moon—mixed with Pluto in the erotic eighth house—can stir up strong sexual chemistry. Some order can be restored to the Gemini court beginning October 23, when the Sun shifts into Scorpio and your sensible sixth house of health, systems and efficiency.

The Scorpio new moon on October 27 signals an excellent moment to start your fitness kick, clean-eating plan or major decluttering project one room at a time, Gem! This could dovetail with the release of a major stress source as the new moon directly opposes turbulent Uranus in your twelfth house of healing and endings.

If a crying meltdown happens, let it! You may also decide to incorporate some spiritual practices into your wellness routines. Have you been spending lavishly and beyond your budget?

Mercury will reverse through Scorpio and your orderly sixth house, which could make it tough to stay on top of the details and manage stress. Be careful not to take on more tasks than you can humanly handle. Instead of scarfing down Halloween candy by the handful, take stronger steps to bolster your immune system. Ramp up your self-care during the retrograde and get enough sleep.

Your rest periods are as important as—if not more important than—your hours of productivity. Make a point of adding more passion and glamour to your life the first week of the month.

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Both love planets are orbiting Libra and your amorous, flamboyant fifth house, with Mars here from October 3 to November 19 and Venus riding shotgun until October 8. The cosmic lovebirds only harmonize like this every other year, making this is a wonderful opportunity to balance your own yin-yang energy or restore equilibrium to a teetering relationship.

Go ahead and primp and get dressed up for dates—anything that dials up the sense of old-Hollywood romance will do you a world of good. The fifth house rules playfulness and creativity, meaning not every activity has to revolve around relationships.

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This is also your fertility sector, so keep that in mind when you are in amorous spirits—i. If you are in business, the connections may bring you more sources of revenue. However, it is necessary to guard against others, especially those who are in competition with you.

Don't reveal too much about your ideas and plans, or they may seize the chance to undermine. The luck in wealth will mainly lie in the income from work. As long as you are down-to-earth and dedicated, you will get the corresponding rewards and your proposal for pay rise will hopefully accepted by the boss. But don't expect too much from windfall or dream of getting rich overnight. Otherwise, you will lose both money and friends. In view of the large medical expenditure, you are suggested to buy medical insurance, or save in advance for emergency needs.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

The awesome luck in love and marriage can be contributed by the popularity in career. Male Pigs born in in particular are very likely to find the right one. Too many choices, however, can make you hesitate and miss the true love. Therefore, you should treat with one heart and one mind once you start a relationship.

For married Pig people born in , your partner will assist you a lot in career or wealth, and deserve your love and care, so be determined to resist the external temptation. Pigs of will be in good health and suffer less hassle than the last year. You will no longer drink or smoke excessively, or be addicted to your smart phone for the whole night.

You are suggested to take good care of your eyes, especially if you are an office worker using a computer to work. When inflammation or other symptoms occur in your eyes, seek medical treatment in time and avoid serious consequences caused by delay. In short, this year can be a good time for you to recuperate.

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