Aries born october 18 horoscope

You were born on the Cusp of Power, so it's no surprise that you're authoritative, resilient, and dedicated to your passions and goals. Born on this cusp, you are influenced by both active Mars and sensual Venus -- the ruling planets of Aries and Taurus. Mars is a planet of motivation and drive, while Venus embodies the power of persuasion.

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Together, this combination of energy is an unstoppable mix that has you leading the way up the ladder of success! The elements of Fire Aries' element and Earth the element of Taurus come together on this cusp to provide you with a courageous yet grounded personality. You have the energy to push yourself forward into projects or situations, and you have the stability to see things through to the end.


Just remember to think before you act! You don't want to get stuck in something that your stubborn demeanor won't let you quit, even if it turns out it's not right for you Being born on the Cusp of Power blesses you with a great deal of strength and influence. You're a natural born leader who's destined for success at home and in the workplace.

Others will continually turn to you for guidance and inspiration, so make sure to be kind when they do! You have a tendency to be quite forceful, and your strong opinions can sometimes rub others the wrong way.

Zodiac Cusp Signs

If you lead with a smile on your face, nothing will get in your way. People born on the Aries-Taurus cusp are incredibly independent with a sassy sense of humor. You love spending time out and about with friends and family, but you don't need others to support you. While this makes you a pretty exceptional individual, it can confuse your loved ones and sometimes drive them away. Make sure to tone down the harsh, blunt, or sarcastic comments when you're around others who are more sensitive than you -- which is practically everyone. Let your fun-loving, understanding side shine more often and watch your fans and followers grow.

If you're born on the Cusp of Power, you know how to have a fun time while working your way to the top, and your outgoing social skills can get you anywhere. You have thick skin and can handle a lot, but try not to let your independence detach you from your loved ones -- you need them more than you know! Practice patience and remember that kind leaders can do incredible things. You have the energy and determination to climb mountains in both your professional life and your home and family life.

You want to be the best and want to lead your team to success! Not surprisingly, a lot of people consider you credible and authoritative, because when you explain things it would seem that you considered both sides carefully. As awesome as these traits may be, you also have an unpredictable side to you that disarms people easily.

They may expect you to go one way, but you almost always find a way to spice things up. As long as you know where to draw the line as far as your most intimate relationships are concerned, your gregarious and approachable nature is not going to hold you back. Just as air can be balanced and evenly distributed, it can also be explosive and unstable. Interestingly enough, for people born on the 18 th of October, the normal waning power of Jupiter and ascending influence of Venus is actually disrupted.

The Aries-Taurus Cusp

While they do have a lot of internal tension, on a practical level everything evens out, and for the most part you are a very even-tempered person. The good news is that the aspect of Venus that you are reflecting is a positive one. So when you do have explosions, they can and do work to your favor.

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You should avoid shallow friendships, running away from your unstable side, and making excuses for your unpredictability. However, green leaves do break down and produce different colors. This is also reflected in your unpredictable side. The luckiest numbers for those born on the 18 th of October are — 19, 27, 31, 36, and Libra people tend to get on well with everyone, and an offshoot of that truth is that they also tend to attract potential partners from every walk of life too. Relationships are a big deal to these people too though, and if your birthday is October 18th, this is especially true — creeping influences of nearby Scorpio season follow your own star sign give you a deeper heart than most.

Aries people are impulsive and freewheeling, firing from the hip and often going their own way as soon as the mood takes them. By saying things that are inappropriate, you test your relationships and these situations can open gateways to deeper and more meaningful interactions.

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