Peregrine definition astrology

David Copperfield has a peregrine Sun square to his Midheaven of career. A man I know, a retired police captain, is encyclopedic with specialized fact recall, e. But similarly with so many other areas of knowledge, his Mercury is peregrine! And recall Howard Cosell, the fabulous statistics-and-memories-engorged sportscaster!

Peregrine definition astrology

Same thing! We can feel the focus of a peregrine planet throughout a horoscope, especially founded upon the base orientation within the House s it rules. These 4th house concerns were very powerful within his development. Musician, composer, singer, and television host Merv Griffin had Neptune peregrine ruling his career 10th. And so did Saddam Hussein, as far as we know!

The country of China has taskmaster and Father Time Saturn peregrine ruling its 12th of self-undoing and fears! Hugh Hefner has Mars peregrine in Aquarius rebel with a cause and also Venus enjoyment and pleasure principles peregrine in Pisces the need for beauty. I have learned to take this concept of peregrinating emphasis a bit further: I have found that two planets that aspect each other usually the conjunction but make no other Ptolemeic aspect with any other planet within the horoscope operate as a peregrine island!

The focused pair is notably pervasive. A peregrine Moon might be very sensitive or empathic without realizing how much they mirror other people to get what they want done for measures of safety and security. A peregrine Mars could be someone who bristles with energy—like a hyperactive disorder—or a person who needs anger management training. This is very much material in all Questions, to know the Peregrine Planet, especially in questions of Theft; for ever almost the significator of the Thief is known by the Peregrine Planet posited in an Angle, or the second House.

For example, Mars is in 7. Mars signifies the effecting my business when he comes to the body of Saturn, who promises the conclusion, the Sun is at the same time in 6. Now in regard that the Sun is swifter in motion then Mars, he will overtake Mars, and come to Conjunction with Saturn before Mars, whereby whatever Mars or Saturn did formerly signify, is now prohibited by the Sun his first impediting Mars and then Saturn, before they can come to a true Conjunction.

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This manner of prohibition is called a Conjunctional or Bodily prohibition; and you must know that the combustion of any Planet is the greatest misfortune that can be. QUADRANTS - The whole sphere of Heaven is divided into four equal parts by the Meridian and Horizon, and again into four quadrants, and every Quadrant again into three parts, according to other Circles drawn by points of Sections of the aforesaid Meridian and Horizon; so the whole Heaven is divided into twelve equal parts, which the Astrologers call Houses or Mansions, taking their beginning from the East.

Callidus might mean cunning, clever or crafty sharp in thought. This presents the idea of a peregrine planet having to live on its wits, which might be a good thing if the planet has accidental strength. A planet is said to be peregrine, when he is in the degrees of any Sign wherein he has no essential dignity, as Saturn in the 10th degree of Aries, that sign being not his house, exaltation, or of his triplicity, or he having in that degree neither term or face. William Lilly, Christian Astrology p.

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This accords with William Lillys definition of the term, that any level of essential dignity avoids peregrine status. In Christian Astrology p. The meaning whereof is that if Saturn in any question be in any of these degrees wherein he hath a term, he cannot be said to be peregrine, or void of essential dignities; or if he be in any of these degrees allotted him for his face or decanate, he cannot then be said to be peregrine: understand this in all the other planets. Outside of the Latin texts alternative terms are used to express the same concept, but I am leaving these outside of the scope of this short article.

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The expressions testimony and dignity are synonymous terms and are applicable to a planet in two different ways. One concerns the fortunate position which it may occupy, if, e. If however it is not in a favourable situation it is said to be peregrine gharfb , while if either in its detriment or its fall, calamity is added to the alien situation. The Latin translation is available as a digital facsimile by courtesy of the Warburg institute.

The translated passage can be found on leaf 1 and 2 of p.

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For example, Umars Three Books of Nativities expresses the principle in regard to the determination of greater years for strong planets and lesser years for weak planets: 7. And if it were peregrine and occidental in those places, it signifies its own lesser years. The translation of the relevant passage reads: A question was offered, of which the ascendant was the ten degrees Taurus, and Venus, its lady, was in Cancer, in fifteen degrees, in the house of the Moon; and the Moon likewise was in Libra in the house of Venus in ten degrees.

And the Moon was peregrine, because she was not in her own domicile nor in exaltation nor in triplicity, but she was being joined to Venus from the quadrate aspect, and was received.

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Also, the lord of the Part of Fortune was Saturn, who was in Leo, peregrine, not received. Published in Warnock see www. II, ch. II, available as facsimile at www. Read Free For 30 Days. Flag for inappropriate content.

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Jump to Page. Search inside document. The Definition of Peregrine By Deborah Houlding Some modern astrological works1 describe a peregrine planet as one which lacks any kind of essential dignity or debility, and so imply that peregrine status acts as a kind of neutral state, being the default value between the fortitude of essential dignity and the disablement of essential debility.