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They love to tie down everything from ideas to people and need stability and time to figure things out. Any movement that threatens this stability will strike fear in the heart of a Leo. Sagittarius possesses a mutable quality. Although this aspect of Sagittarius is more yielding than signs that are fixed, the fiery mutable nature of Sagittarius make for a somewhat complicated follower.

Mutable signs are thrown into the world without a deep a sense of identity. Thus, they adore new information and view the potential for change as an opportunity to find out more about themselves. A Leo, on the other hand, does possess a strong sense of self and has an inclination towards self-affirming introspection, while Sagittarius remains largely internally undecided and open. In short, Leos can be threatened by Sagittarius' love of exploration and need for the freedom to be, just as easily as Sagittarius may feel stifled by Leo's need to control and rule.

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A relationship between a Sagittarius and a Leo represents a passionate and fun, but not ideal, astrological match. At its best, the shared fire element creates a spark that can keep this relationship vibrant and alive, and when placed within two complimentary natal charts , a Leo matched with a Sagittarius can yield a passionate, fun, and loving long-term relationship.

Relationships that grow from Leo Sagittarius match are fire-hot with a tremendous depth of feeling. A Leo is warm, action-oriented, and driven by the desire to be loved and admired, and this emboldens Sagittarius. Leo's flair for the dramatic is matched by Sagittarius' bold, devil-may-care attitude.

Both often draw energy from the other's love of life. Dating between Leo and Sagittarius has its benefits. Leos can do a wonderful job presenting themselves well on dates. In other words, they dress and act to impress. Dating a Sagittarius can be an uplifting experience thanks to their overwhelming optimism and positivity.

Sagittarius' good-humored nature can fire up Leo's playful nature, and this mutual exchange of positive energy can lead to some of the most amazing dates. More likely than not, any date between Leo and Sagittarius will be adventurous, intellectual, creative, fun, and high-energy affair. Time together in bed can be like a fun playtime for both Leo and Sagittarius.

When fire meets fire passions flare.

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Sagittarius is funny, positive, unselfish, and even audacious in the bedroom, while Leo is fun, experimental, and intense. Leo expects the best, will give the best, and won't accept anything less, and Sagittarius is more than happy to comply. If he is a Leo male, he is bold, confident, is exceptionally generous, kind hearted, very creative and loves children.

He is turned on by women who are strong and own their power. A Leo will hook you with their humor, and they know it. They have the ability to take in everything around them, and serve funny jokes about those things seamlessly. They will use exaggeration to make people chuckle, and groups will often be found laughing loudly in their presence. Leos Zodiac Horoscope humor Funny Laughing. We are drawn to Leos because they are creative performers. They are always hysterical, always the favorite friend of the group, always the person who entertains you and creates the best memories.

They are the opposite of dull and punctuate your relationship with belly laughs. You are friendly, and honest, and people are drawn to your energy. You are the type of person people admire because they want to emulate your spirit and your sociability. Leos Horoscope Zodiac leaders Social Spirit. Nice guys and girls everywhere bitterly envy a Leo who has no problem singing their own praises.

Leos are successful and get their well-deserved acclaim because, very simply, they ask for it. In their own subtle way they are masters of never letting anyone walk all over them or letting their hard work go unnoticed. Confidence is key, dear Leo. You take charge and others take notice. You make the first move and are the one to turn up the temperature. A Leos biggest love obstacle is holding out and not settling.

They need to surround themselves with a support system of friends and family who validate them and make that be enough until they find someone truly worth building a relationship with. In a relationship, a Leo tends to be very passionate. A recent reconciliation may be on your mind as the week begins. The way you got back together with someone from your recent past may seem like something of a coincidence and a mystery, but fate did bring you two together.

A serious family matter involving money or property may come up around mid-week, Libra. This may cause some conflict among the people you love. As the most gifted mediator in the family, others might turn to you for a solution, but you may not want to get involved. However, there may be no other option, and if you approach this objectively and without thinking about the personal aspects of how it affects you, you will lead everyone to a successful conclusion and settle this quite amicably.

An offer or invitation may come to you towards the end of the week that involves entertainment or the chance to travel someplace fun and interesting. It can be a weekend getaway or an hours-long road trip to someplace you have always wanted to visit. You may want to rest and recuperate on the weekend, but an impromptu social gathering may beckon. One of your friendships may become much richer and more meaningful in your life. This week, Scorpio, a revelation about this person may begin to explain some of the mysteries that have always existed around this person, and will clarify some of the occurrences you have tried to figure out.

This is not something to worry about, but rather something that has the potential to bring you even closer and develop a more spiritual bond. This week, an investment opportunity or a partnership opportunity may be offered to you. This has the potential to be financially rewarding in time, but it may require a much larger commitment of time and energy than is revealed on the surface. If you are interested, make sure you take enough time to understand the process it requires fully. Towards the end of the week, you may find yourself gladly doing a good deed for someone you barely know. This could lead to a special connection that you will treasure into the future.

On the weekend, look up friends or family members who always make you smile. However, that does not mean you will continue to be stuck. Your frustration level may be high, but if you focus on finding inner calm, you will be able to successfully deal with this and extricate yourself from the situation. You have more important things to deal with, and this may be dragging you down emotionally. Set yourself a time limit - say Wednesday - and declare your separation from this matter. If you do, the next day a new sense of serenity will begin to take place, and you can start to think about a project you have been hoping to begin.

You have no excuses to put this off any longer, and the stars say this week is a good time to start. You may even find the resources you need, and the assistance you have been hoping for will materialize before the week is out.

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Focus on the happy moments and avoid anyone who spoils your joy. A recent disappointment may be on your mind early in the week, Capricorn. Maybe you think that you should have known better, or you should have seen a way to change the course of things, but thinking like that is not productive in the least. Dwelling on this any longer would be a waste of your valuable time. There are better things in store. In fact, by Wednesday, the chance to meet with someone who could open a door to you regarding business or enhanced financial security could come to you.

Take this seriously. Toward the end of the week someone may make a proposition that sounds a little unusual, and you may shy away from it because of that. On Sunday, take some time to visit a friend or a family member who is feeling alone. A sense of betrayal you are still feeling because of an experience you had in recent weeks may be lingering as you enter this week, Aquarius. Expecting the best of the people in your life is a noble way to live, and there is no reason to change.

But getting over a disappointment by someone you trusted can be a challenge. This week, though, you may experience an equally uplifting experience from someone who is reliable and trustworthy, and perhaps just as noble and honest as you are. This will show you that the world can be a good and fair place, and it will set the tone for a week of good fortune and emotional reward. Around Thursday, news from a work partner or a friend of a friend may give you a preview of a new development. This should give you an advantage when it begins to roll out. You may even find yourself in a pivotal role as things begin to change, and this will garner some really great connections for future endeavors.

An old emotional upset that you thought you had gotten over may come back to make you feel sad or angry again this week, Pisces.

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This experience may have landed you on an emotional roller coaster, and it may seem like it will never fully end. This week may highlight several issues for you, including your need to catch up on paperwork or to make a decision you have been putting off. You may also find that a neighbor or an acquaintance connected to an interest of yours is interested in you in a romantic way.

If you are attached, you will need to make your position very clear right away, or you could wind up in an awkward situation. If you are single, you may find this person interesting enough to get to know, but maybe on a more platonic level. If you are looking for romance though, the weekend promises to offer some intriguing possibilities. Late Sunday you could get good news about a job or about a presentation you made quite some time ago.

The situation is probably due to a lack of communication, and could be cleared up with explanations, understanding, and an agreement as to how similar situations should be handled. By the end of the day, all should be well again. However, your sense of purpose is strong and you want interruption-free time to focus on your work. Nevertheless, your desires are pulled in a direction which tests your resolve and self-discipline. Hiding your emotions only intensifies them now, potentially provoking a dramatic eruption later. Instead, express your feelings calmly while you have the chance to create a positive impact.

In love, this often gets you into hot water, or causes your heart to be broken. You are a romantic, but you are often drawn to fiery relationships. You are longing for something more stable, more reliable, and more low-key.

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If you are attached, find ways to ground your relationship by growing closer through shared interests. If you are single and looking, change your idea of who might be right for you. Trust me, this is a good thing. New influences have already entered the picture. Old issues are still there. Welcome to the human race. This is what we call life. Leos stubbornly cling to their pride. They do not readily alter their opinions or behavior at the request of others.

Their stubborn nature makes it hard for them to accept that there is no virtue in giving what they want to give, rather virtue means giving what may be wanted or needed. Neither is there reward in giving misguided loyalty to those who are not worthy of it, which is another possibility with a Leo Sun sign. Build up their delicate ego, take pride in their accomplishments, be a part of their grandiose dreams.

Tune into their softer and more sensitive side, and let them shine. Leo is symbolized by the Lion and it is the fifth zodiac sign of the astrological calendar. It is n Leo free horoscope extrovert, masculine and positive sun sign. It is the fixed sign that is associated with the element fire and it comes under the fifth house. This Leo horoscope zodiac sign originated with the Leo Constellation. People born between 22nd July and 22nd August come under this sign. Leo individual are characterized by fiery, commanding Leo horoscopes daily and warm hearted nature. The Lion depicts their self confidence, Leo Horoscope Love courage and magnanimous nature.

Positive traits: Leo love Great leadership qualities, courageous, creative, capable, generous, broad minded, loving, warm hearted, born leaders, expansive and great dignity. Negative Traits: They can be arrogant, vain, bossy, impulsive, interfering, patronizing, dogmatic, intolerant and Pompous. They are very protective and possessive lovers and they tend to support their partners in all the difficult situations.

They are warm considerate and love caring and pampering their beloved. It is one of the most well versed sun sign of romance and love that is why all the They have the characteristic of loving compassionately. They are generous lovers you love attraction and appeal. For them their love life should always be filled with excitement and thrill. When they get married, they are very loyal and highly possessive about their partner. Leos are born leaders and they love to crave out their own paths. They love to have a powerful position so that they can rule over other individuals.

They are very good organizers and they love getting new projects and working on new tasks. Some of the professionals that are best suited for them are Armed forces, acting, dancing, politics, painters, musicians and teachers. Leos are people who are confident, they love passionately, generate various noble ideas and are always confident and inspire others. You are naturally adept at handling intense feelings, but there could be a severe learning curve looming on the horizon. Even you courageous Lions need a bit of downtime to rest and recharge for the challenges of life.

Requests are currently closed whilst I catch up, but they should be open again in a couple of days : Thank you for your patience. Keep reading. You might feel as if others are withholding their true emotions and pulling away from you now. Stop spinning stories and just listen to your heart. Originally posted by untmd. D ramatic Leo Leo free horoscope women, happy, obviously, in the order. If you have a woman, lion, lion, or want to attract the eyes of Leo Horoscope Love women in general, we need to practice the art of temptation.

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