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The same can be said of reputable palmists and card readers a. I mention palmistry and card-reading at this point because these and related matters are commonly lumped together with astrdlogy as one, however incorrectly. Fortunetelling does not consist in using a horoscope chart, cards or crystal ball but rather in a lack of intellectual awareness and ethical conduct on the part of the fortuneteller.

An astrologer may bring to an interview a great deal of ESP or none at all. An astrological reading proceeds more smoothly when the astrologer has ESP, but so does the work of a research scientist, gourmet chef, or a young person with a new toy. True ESP has nothing to do with fortunetelling. And strictly speaking, astrology has nothing to do with ESP. For using the word "influ- ence" connotes a coercive "pushing" process whereby in the words of a famous Victorian astrologer "The stars impel but do not compel. This philosophical twist has always left me feeling like one is supposed to feel after dining at a Chinese restaurant.

To the Victorian mind, the concept of "free will" filled out the picture. It was asserted that one could "overcome" one's planets by conscious effort and the application of virtue.

Admetos asteroid astrology

That this "over- coming" notion reveals a general preoccupation continuing down to the present time with "overcoming" or "conquering" nature is, I think, self-evident. Astrology at that time was very often seen as a means by which "fate" could be transformed, avoided, or at the very least, more comfortably endured; especially with the supposed foreknowledge that matters would be more satisfactory at some future time, as indicated by propitious aspects of the planets.

Time has speeded up since the days of Queen Victoria. Yet much that passes for modem astrological thinking is unfortunately a re-hash of now antiquated, pre-scientific notions. For all that, striking implications are to be found from even old-hat Newtonian physics upon astrological philosophy. The popular but incomplete version of Newton's law is that "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Suppose I push off in a boat by taking an oar in hand and apply sufficient force with that oar against the shore so that the boat, preferably with me in it, is set in motion upon the water.

The forces are equal and in opposite directions and on opposite bodies me and the shore. If the planets are indeed "pushing" us, then according to Newton, we are simultaneously pushing on the planets; and the forces involved are in opposite directions and equal in magnitude.

Admetos asteroid astrology -

On the face of it, this seems to be completely ridiculous. It is true, of course, that the motions of the planets are indepen- dent of changes in consciousness insofar as an effort of will for example will not we hope cause Mercury or Mars to speed up, slow down, or jump into a new orbit. Such happenings would constitute a telekinetic nightmare. More importantly, whole new sets of ephemerides would have to be printed up.

Compounded by a paper shortage, this single event would probably bring about the collapse of western civilization as we know it. That people in general are not aware of the fact that they are "pushing" against the cosmos must therefore be the same as saying that these pushing forces are taking place within the individual below the level of waking consciousness; namely in the subcon- scious.

For the ancients, astrology was in fact an "occult" science — i. By definition, that hidden side is the subconscious or unconscious. If these forces are taking place in subconsciousness, we might assume at least for the sake of argument that their physical strength measured perhaps in micro-microvolts across portions of the brain or nervous system is quite small, although their final impact upon the life of the organism is very great, as astrological experience bears out.

In a similar fashion, "mere" thoughts held by rulers of nations can shape world destiny. Future science will of course include astrology and will proba- bly establish the reality of these tiny currents within the body, which correspond to planetary configurations. Greater knowledge in semiconductor electronics will make a successful search possible The Personal Points 25 for these currents or pulsations through reduction by means of advanced manufacturing techniques of random noise produced by current flow within the crystalline substance of transistors.

For the present time, one can only suppose that astrological "influences" are nothing of the sort, but rather astrological "inter- actions" between man and cosmos on usually subconscious levels. Thus light is thrown on the ancient concept of microcosm man mirroring macrocosm cosmos. From all this it can be seen that in astrology as well as in biology, organism and environment constitute a unified field.

Astrology asserts that "environment" embraces the planets, stars, and outer space, as well as the immediate physical biosphere in which the organism lives. What is needed now is a "unified field theory" of astrology. But even before that time comes, we can see that the usual talk of "fate versus free will" is as outdated scientifically as it is unsuitable to live with.

Man did not "come into" the world on probation to do battle with the starry universe. Man came out of the world, as Alan Watts puts it in his books on Zen Buddhism, like leaves from a tree. What happens "down here" is just as "cosmic" as what goes on "up there. Modern science tells us the same thing in different ways.

Religion calls that source God. In years past, the Christian church has for the most part stood in opposition to the study or practice of astrology. Opposition by the church against astrology is evidently based philosophically on the typically occidental equation of the individual with his her ego, that part of the self that is the waking, conscious mind. Freud and those who followed him, notably his onetime pupil Carl Jung, have revealed by their work and writings that matters are not so simple. Nevertheless, even today the fmdings of these After all, if a man or woman is "nothing but" an ego imprisoned in a casing of flesh, how can any- one who claims to be sane begin to speak of a unity or continuity between tiny man and his source?

This "nothing but" attitude was, incidentally, typical of nineteenth-century "reductionism", from which philosophy proceeded the concept of an essentially stupid, and rather drab billiard-ball universe. It is understandable that the church could see astrology as a threat if it were in fact true that astrology either supports or rests upon reductionism.

The fact of the matter is that astrology rests upon sound philo- sophical principles. It is a science that is both descriptive and mathematical. And, like anything else touched by human hands, it is imperfect. Religions, too, are subject to the same evolution- ary processes to be found in the history of science. Mythologies are subject to continual transformation also. Ancient mythology, the basis of ancient religion, is strongly astrological, and the signs of the zodiac are obviously mythological. Planets were understood as being identified with gods of the same name.

These three factors speak to external levels of manifestation, and therefore to the relationship in the largest sense of the native to the universe which surrounds him her. The Meridian, Moon and Sun are temporal concepts. These three factors speak to levels of consciousness within the individual. Thus, the six personal points taken together embrace both space and time on three distinct levels.

It is particularly convenient in the practice of predictive astrol- ogy when using the current or up-to-the-moment positions of the planets, namely the so-called transiting planets chapter eleven , to regard M, Moon and Sun in terms of particular intervals of time. The Midheaven is associated with the minute. Due to the rota- tion of the earth upon its axis, the position of M changes approxi- mately one degree in four minutes' time. The Personal Points 27 When studying-an event whose time is known quite accurately, a Uranian astrologer will "zoom in" on the minute when the event transpired by figuring M for that time.

The "event" could be birth itself, or any occurrence during the lifetime of the native. If the event under study is birth, we are dealing with a birth- chart and we say that the position therein of M, A or of any other factor is the natal, radical, radix or birth position. These last four terms are interchangeable. Thus "radical M" is written Mr. Radix A is written Ar; and so on. The term factor is used in astrology as referring to any planet or personal point in a horoscope. There are twenty-two factors or elements in Uranian astrology.

This relatively large number of factors should not scare off the beginner or anyone else for that matter , for the application of the Uranian method proceeds in logical and straightforward ways, as will become clear. We hope. Non-Uranian Western systems of astrology usually employ no more than 13 factors. Hindu astrology, by ignoring for the most part Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, typically employs ten factors. The Moon is associated with the hour. In one hour she moves, on the average, a little over a half degree. The transiting Moon is like an hour hand, while the transiting meridian is like a minute hand.

The Sun is associated with the day. He moves, on the average, one degree in one day in point of fact, a little less; there are days in a year, but only degrees in a circle. The transiting Sun indicates the date. Astute readers will take note of the fact that the one degree motions of M, Moon and Sun do not exactly correspond to one minute, one hour and one day respectively.

This inexactitude is tolerable because these time concepts are to be taken in a relative, and not precise, way. The task of the astrologer is to decipher this inscription. During delineation, the astrologer combines knowledge of the basic factors of astrology with certain as it were grammatical rules that make comprehensible the interworkings among factors and permit therefore meaningful statements to be made in human language regarding the person, situation or event for which the horoscope is drawn.

Learning astrology is like learning a foreign language. A basic vocabulary is built up through memorization and association. Then the student is taught how to read and speak by combining together the words that have been learned into utterances that are in keeping with grammatical usage. The basic vocabulary of Uranian astrology consists of the six personal points and sixteen planets Sun and MOon are not really planets.

Eight of these planets exist hypothetically beyond the orbit of Neptune and are therefore called transneptunian planets. These planets so called were discovered astrologically by Alfred Witte and Friedrich Sieggruen in this century.

They have subse- quently been verified in thousands of horoscopes by students of the Uranian system all over the world. Ephemerides for these eight planets are available. Words from the Uranian vocabulary are combined together "grammatically" in ways that correspond to the arrangement found among planets in the inscription that is the horoscope chart. The tablet upon which the inscription is written is the ecliptic. The Planets 31 30 The Language of Uranian Astrology The factors of Uranian astrology are arranged with respect to each other in different ways in different horoscopes, because dif- ferent planets move at different rates.

A particular arrangement of -planets corresponds to a particular set of meaningful statements. Each horoscope is unique. The arrangement of words that any language uses to convey meaning is described by the grammar of that language. The gram- mar of the language of astrology is geometrical.

That is to say, statements derived from a horoscope depend upon zodiacal con- figurations among astrological factors. These configurations are geometrical in nature. Particular configurations among planets found in the cosmic inscription that is the horoscope are under- stood and evaluated by means of this geometrical grammar. Application of the rules of geometrical grammar to horoscopes makes delineation possible.

The words which are the planets and personal points are therefore strung together or read off, as it were, by the astrologer according to certain rules. With familiarity and practice, the student will be able to translate the cosmic language into human language with increasing facility. Memorization and drill are necessary to the student of any new language.

The first time around, word learning especially has to be completely by rote. Being new to the Uranian language, the beginning astrology student at the outset simply memorizes the keyword vocabulary meanings of the planets. To each planet is attributed a particular set of keywords.

The keywords which comprise the vocabulary set associated with a particular planet are like definitions under a particular heading in a dictionary. The skill of the astrologer comes in especially during the process of selecting, from within a keyword set, suitable keywords that apply to a particular series of planets which form a particular con- figuration, or "sentence:" Astrological configurations are defined by astrological "axes" in the horoscope chart.

Axes and con- figurations will be dealt with as such in detail in chapter six. Selecting keywords which adequately describe a configuration in human language is not so much a process of determining which keywords are "true" or "false" in a particular instance for they are all true simultaneously , but rather of choosing which ones will make up sentences that are coherent and understandable, which flow and have rhythm. Proficiency with astrological keywords comes by doing.

Herein lies the art of astrology, for astrology is both art and science. Translation from one language to another still remains something of an art at the present time, more in the province of the poet than in the sphere of the scientist. There are, however, many different systems of geometrical grammar, of which the Uranian system is but one. Differences among astrological schools of thought center pri- marily on matters of grammar and not, to any considerable extent, on matters of vocabulary.

This is to say that the various schools differ from each other, for the most part, on what amounts to technical grounds: that is, they differ in terms of mathematical technique. Although only a relatively few non-Uranian astrologers use the positions of the transneptunian planets sometimes known as TNPs , any school of astrology can as a matter of fact include them in horoscopes, if desired. The coherency of the results will, of course, be in proportion to the coherency of the system itself. Any astrological system that already works as a viable grammar can, in other words, put the TNPs to use profitably.

The workability of the Uranian system itself does not hinge upon the inclusion of what critics may, for whatever reasons, choose to call nonexistent quantities. The eight additional planets give additional information because they enlarge the Uranian vo- cabulary. The Planets The Language of Uranian Astrology tion of life forms within a particular sphere of reference.

As a science, its fundamental hypothesis is that what goes on "up there" is in correspondence with what goes on "down here. As above, so below. One conclusion that may be drawn from this hypothesis is that all manifestation may be approximately described by algebraic operations on a finite set of universal quantities, called planets, The truth of this conclusion can be verified in practice by means of comparing anticipated results as derived from astrological theory with actual facts. In such a manner does astrology follow the scientific method.

The beginner should not feel inadequate if he or she is not familiar with algebra, though it would help matters if he were. The only form of algebra needed for Uranian astrology amounts to simple arithmetic using letter symbols M, A, etc. This form of arithmetic for that is all it really is is called "first degree algebra. Simple algebra is especially useful in the more advanced phases of Uranian astrology that will be discussed in the last few chapters of this book.

The initially strange and unfamiliar marks and numbers on paper that confront the beginning student during those first days of unbridled enthusiasm eventually, and even joyfully, give way, af- ter much hard work and midnight oil, to living symbols and organic quantities whose significance and meaning virtually leap from the page on which the chart is drawn, and with sometimes astonishing clarity. Sometimes, too, it all makes sense. Such a level of personal and emotional satisfaction is, however, available only to those who at the very beginning take the trouble to familiarize themselves thoroughly with astrological keywords.

The student can hereby consider himself reprimanded in advance, just in case he or she should ever chance to fall into the unfor- tunate error of assuming that horoscopes can be delineated in parrot-like fashion by reference to any book, including this one. It is perhaps these very moments of insight and clarity, which eventually come with time and abundant doses of cold water in the face, that are, in the final analysis, of truly lasting importance to the student. If justification of any science, including astrology, is ever necessary, it surely lies in triggering within us these "peak experiences" of heightened awareness and emotional freedom.

Those readers temperamentally inclined to meditative pursuits cannot fail in addition to find pleasure, through astrology, in the realization that the material and abstract worlds are but two sides of the same coin, and that the boundary between them continu- ally eludes definition. Apart from personal satisfaction gained on a scientific or technical level, the student astrologer cannot fail to be impressed emotion- ally as well by the conclusions that follow from diligent study and dedicated practice.

In the following section of this chapter, keyword meanings are given for all twenty-two factors in Uranian astrology: first, by way of review and condensation, the keywords of the six personal points; followed by the keywords of the sixteen planets. Personal characteristics. The ego, the "I", the individuality. The soul. Personal experiences. The minute transiting M. The moment. Sur- roundings. The "Thou. Face-to-face situations. The street. Out in the open.

Terrestrial influences. The many un- familiar people who pass through one's life, who come and go but remain unknown. More or less impersonal relationships with people. Close connections. Bonds, ties. Channels, avenues and pathways of relationship. Wire, cable, thread. The link between the immediate environment A and the outside, impersonal world Aries. Life force, vitality. Individuation, drive for personal significance, self- realization. The physical, the objective.

Dynamic action. The male body, the masculine world. Male persons. The day. The heart. Confidence, ambition, self-assurance. Egotism, self-centeredness, domination. Responsiveness, receptivity, caring. Nurturing of the life force through instinctive rhythms and psychological processes. Emotion, feeling, subjective experience. Disposition, temperament. The female body, the feminine world. The public.

The hour. Mental processes.

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Function: Comprehension, adaptation, adjustment. Expression: Language, speech, movement, sound. Manifestation: Writings, books, newspapers, transportation systems, youth. Physiological Inner ear, fingers, tongue, correspondence: limbs generally, bronchi, lungs, cerebrospinal nervous system, vocal cords. Physiological correspondence: Positive qualities: Negative qualities: Stomach. Functioning of the brain. Glandular secretions. Bodily fluids. Internal female reproductive system. Sustaining, sheltering and protective influences. Moodiness, fickleness, indecisiveness, sentimentality, faintheartedness.

Craftiness, double-dealing, thievery, sophistry, restlessness, unreliability. Pleasure, harmony, reconciliation, peace. Emotional evaluation, enjoyment, attraction. Love, affection, desire, intimacy, appreciation. Romance, art, beautiful things, jewelry, cosmetics. Sense of touch, taste buds, kidneys, veins, external female genitals, fatty tissue, lips, cheeks, hair. Warmth, kindness, graciousness, charm, sympathy, cheerfulness, gentleness, fertility, beauty.

Self-indulgence, cravings and addictions, laziness, excess timidity or shyness, vanity, dishevelment. Self-assertion, motivation, survival. Action, initiative, encounter, adventure, combat, challenge, competition. Work, tools, sharp instruments, weapons, heat, iron, sports. Muscles, nose, external male genitals, blood, bladder, adrenals, gall bladder.

Forthrightness, daring, courage, passion, drive, ambition, decisiveness, virility. Cruelty, aggression, strife, lust, ruthlessness, inflamma- tion, willfulness, anger, bloodshed, violence. Expansion, augmentation, benefit, growth. Personal compensation and fulfillment; social accommoda- tion and participation.

Success, good fortune, abundance, happiness. Riches, wealth, money, worldly goods. The liver, the arteries. Optimism, generosity, affirmation, approbation, benevolence, joviality, acceptance, philanthropy, forgiveness. Excess, extravagance, opportunism, materialism, wastefulness, pretension, gluttony, paternalism. Regulation, structure, stability, and reality.

Conservation of substance through discipline and self- control. Formation of personal identity and material values. Development of a sense of lasting worth. Preservation of life. Responsibility, duty, self- reliance, solitude, hard work. Land, fences, walls, refrigeration systems, clocks, timetables, schedules, appointments, routines. The elderly. On the surface of the earth. Skin, bones, teeth, nails, the aging process. Inhibition, obstruction, cold- ness, severity, asceticism, untoward difficulty, alienation, guilt, anxiety, failure, loneliness, poverty and denial, sadness, pessimism, stubbornness, contrariness, fixity in old ways.

Innovation, modification, variation. Improvisation, experimentation, spontaneity, suddenness. Backwards, inside out, upside down. Excitement, unrest, revolution, agitation, shock, surprise, astonishment. Sudden change. Technology, electricity, conductivity, ionization, refraction, oscillation, wave motion, vibration.

Fads, Autonomic nervous system. Brain and nerve impulses. Ingenuity, insight, awareness. Uninhibited departure from the conventional. Eccentric- ity, novelty. Irresponsibility, unpredicta- bility, recklessness, rebellion, thrill-seeking, capriciousness. Inspiration, vision, image- formation. Fantasy, mythology, mysticism. The exotic, the mysterious, the invisible, the unknown. Dreaming, sleep, trance. Romanticism, psychism, poetry. Electromagnetism, radiation.

Fluids, gas, water, vapor, fog, mirage. Alcohol, nicotene, drugs, poison. The future. Mesmerism, hypnotism. Medium of wave motion. The solar plexus. Enzyme activity. Gimmicks, gadgets, inventions. Physiological correspondence: Talent for poetry and fiction. Illusion, confusion, uncer- tainty, deception, vagueness, susceptibility, weakness, dissolution, drunkenness, fraudulence, superstition, hallucination, impracticality, dishonesty, intrigue, untruth, negligence. Transformation, process, unfoldment, metamorphosis, growth. Renewal, reorganization, purgation, readjustment espec- ially of the psyche.

Deep subconscious forces, collective unconscious. Crisis, upheaval, change, cataclysm, beginnings and endings. Mass movements. Internal reproductive system, urethra, perineum. Regeneration, rejuvenation, transmutation, revelation, resolution, transcendence. Disorientation, uprootedness, neurosis, psychosis, obsession, tyranny, institutionalized violence, fanaticism, mass hysteria. Union, coordination, synthesis. Society, marriage, creativity in the arts. The family, the community, corporations, clubs and other social groupings. Works of art. Hereditary factors, internal organs taken as a whole.

Participation in the whole. The domination of his father over the environs triggered Kronos's drive for self-preservation and self-reliance; yet he also weakened by reflecting the cruelty of his father in killing him. At this moment, Kronos's mother wisely told him that he also would die by the hand of his own son.

One thought on “Jump Out at You”

Here we find the law of cause and effect manifest. By murdering his father, Kronos sowed the conditions of his own death. This might also be seen to symbolize the recurring events of infinity and the times of beginnings and endings. Time hovers over us continually and, according to the principles of Albert Einstein, is experienced through the lenses of relativity.

In expectation of a joyous event, we might experience the period of anticipation as inordinately long; yet, if by contrast we remain focused and concentrated upon our work, the same time period flies by rapidly. In the latter situation, we look up at the clock and see that hours have magically passed by and we ask ourselves why we cannot have more time. Time passes during sleep in thought-forms, and when we awake in the morning, the hours seem to have gone by rapidly. Astronauts experience yet another dimension of time when they orbit the Earth repeatedly and then return to the ground.

During this process, they experience displacement of recently elapsed thoughts and time. Equilibrium is restored only after they are once again grounded on the Earth. Time itself, in its objective manifestation, preponderates due to its inalterable presence everywhere, and it continues relentlessly, as it cannot be fully manipulated. In our self-confidence we should not be overbearing; we should recognize our limitations, and do what is important.

In this process, we hope for protection from above. Kronos stands out and above the other Transneptunians in many ways. Consequently we find it to bring out the highest, or sometimes officially-sanctioned, manifestations of whatever planets or points it is configured with. This speaks to us of all-embracing harmony.

Zodiac Sign Meanings Part 1: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo

The god Apollon sometimes fashioned arrows in youth with his twin sister Artemis. Being descended from Zeus and Leto, he had an understanding of both war and death. Because Apollon's love of the nymph Daphne was unrequited, and she fled from him, he sought her forgiveness. Daphne's father had her transformed into a laurel shrub to make her inaccessible to Apollon. As Apollon eventually recognized his appeal to Daphne as fruitless, he remained chaste, and regarded the laurel shrub as a sacred plant.

Thus in contests, the victors were crowned with laurel wreaths. From this point onward, Apollon was designated as the god of wisdom, whose many experiences taught him that passion is not the most important factor; that harmony, understanding, and evenness of temperament are critical in order to be able to carry out one's goals successfully. Apollon learned to deal effectively with dangers, to dissolve biases, and to serve the forces of Light, according to Philip Metman in "Myth and Destiny". At the Temple of Delphi, one can read, "Know yourself, and you will understand others".

Wherever dark forces needed to be expelled, Apollon set his energies in motion. Thus he led a successful battle with the dragon Python and banned it to obscurity. After that, Apollon was called the defender of the weak, the sickly, those in need of assistance, and those gone astray. With his calm composure, he brought an easing of tension and physical healing to those he encountered. He knew that inner peace leads to healing. Accordingly, he made each sacrifice willingly, since satisfaction comes from freedom and equilibrium in relating to others. In facing up to and dealing with excesses, he ultimately brought about balance.

Apollon symbolizes understanding and brilliance that leads not only to expansion of awareness, but also amplification of awareness according to Jean Gebser and the accumulation of experiences in many areas. In astrological interpretation, Apollon stands for experience, equilibrium, harmony, convalescence, success, commerce, the sciences, and abundance at all levels of reality.

The shell of the moon rests atop the globe, upwardly receptive. From mythology we experience that Admetos, son of Pheres, reigned as a magnanimous king and sheltered all those in need, among whom at one time was Apollon. Apollon's son Asklepios Aesculapius also had the gift of being able to heal the seriously ill. Therefore he was considered a performer of miracles, and roused Zeus's disapproval.

Zeus let Asklepios die from a striking lightning bolt, and Apollon avenged his son by killing the Cyclops, the creator of the lightning bolt. Apollon, fearing Zeus's wrath, fled to the land of Admetos, where he tended cattle. As Apollon heard that Admetos's lifetime was elapsing, he gave him the following news, according to Metman: Admetos could escape the threat of death in Hades if someone else was willing to take his place there. No one had been willing, not even his ailing parents. Therefore his lovely young wife Alcestis, mother of two healthy children, was sacrificed. On a 90 degree dial her Mars also falls on the midpoint of her Sun 20 fixed 14 and her Montreal relocated Asc.

With the naked eye and no dial we can see that transiting Mars at the time of the first emergency call was 1 Pisces 17, opposite her Uranus at 1 Virgo Mars Uranus hard aspects indicate an accident, or a sudden unusual event or action, but for the accident to have been fatal there had to be more than transiting Mars making a hard aspect to her Uranus.

I went back to her natal and relocated angles. Her Moon is 22 Sag. Now we have transiting Mars to her natal Uranus as transiting Uranus was semi-squaring her relocated MC with only an 18 minute orb. Double WOW! Are you ready for a triple WOW? As I look at the chart and the transits preceding her ski trip, she could have hidden a weakness to a blood ves sel that together with the fall on the bunny trail simply set off a ticking time bomb. My first attempt at skiing was also in that area, and I also took private lessons with a ski instructor. The first two things you are taught is how to stop and how to fall safely, so as to cause the least harm to your body.

Earlier I made mention of the Vertex, which is a point related to the MC the most personal point , and is a karmic or fated point. I have found that when you relocate you change your fate, and can change your Karma. At a later time I will write an article about the Vertex, but for now I want to point out that all three of her Vertices - natal, relocated to New York and Monreal all show her fatal accident.

I believe that the stage for her death was being put into place beginning on the Full Moon of 20 Virgo Pisces 40, on March 10th. The next day, March 11th , tMercury was opposite her Zeus, fiery communication that could have been on the verge of being dictatorial. This tells me that she was not thinking happy thoughts, and she wanted to get away to clear her head. With these transits I do not think there was any place she could have gone to be safe. Her Moon square Uranus had her tense and mentally feeling that her mind was on speed dial. Then when Mars came to her Mercury she could have had a spat with someone, and very much on the move, she could have tripped or banged her head getting out of the shower a car and not have been aware of it.

For a week there was so much Mercury Mars and Uranus in her chart that there was no where she could have gone to avoid having an accident. She was such a good actress, and her charity20work showed her caring nature -- when she died it felt like a personal friend died. Her smile will live on.

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  6. Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America. It was exciting to watch history being made and hope renewed. The moment he was sworn in, at PM EST, became the birth chart of the new administration and will depict the next 4 years. Since so many things were happening at that very moment in time, how do we delineate the chart and foresee what it holds for the American people? As we analyze the charts, the specific positions of the Sun gives us vital clues about the day, the Moon the hour, and the MC the moment. At the time of the inauguration the MC was square Apollon, indicating a sense that anything and everything positive is possible.

    This planetary combo indicate a couple of contradictions. It is a day of inspiration, yet the glowing promises made by the new president in his inaugural speech may not be possible to keep. There are ghosts from the previous administration lurking in the shadows ready to pounce as the Pluto on the US chart is opposite the MC and in the 4th house of the chart of the inauguration.

    Watch where you are stepping, Mr. This tells me that we have elected the right man and he is meant to be President. This combo also indicates that he has a ghost or two watching over him, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and every black man, woman, and child slave had a front row seat, and will be working to protect him. These same spirits will be watching over him during his entire term in office.

    The Moon in the nations and inauguration chart represents the people, the nations populous. Underlying the jubilation of no more Bush, the American people are worried about their security and their ability to afford medical care for themselves and their families. In other words, they fear what tomorrow holds for them. The people are in love with the change in command and this accounts for the dancing in the streets.

    We must not lose sight that he took over from a corrupt administration. Mercury Pluto is reading between the lines, with information that will reveal itself. As I mentioned earlier, the inauguration chart is the birth chart for the next 4 years of this administration, which means it will react to upcoming transits. We begin with the solar eclipse on January 26th at 6 Aquarius 30 falling degrees from the inauguration Saturn.

    We will then experience a lunar eclipse on February 9th at 21 Leo Aquarius. The solar eclipse will be activated on February 12th and 13th by Mars 45 degrees to Uranus as it reaches 6 Aquarius, 21 Pisces. That scares me. Mars Uranus usually indicates accidents or violent eruptions.

    Other Topics

    Add the solar eclipse and Saturn, and we have an event that could result in death. This could mean fighting reoccurs in the Middl e East, Pakistan, Afghanistan or disruptive demonstrations elsewhere in the world. On March 3rd and 4th, Mars reaches 21 Aquarius and sets off the lunar eclipse three days before Venus goes retrograde. Mary Downing and I used to notice that when eclipses are transitted by Mars, they usually set off a major mundane event. In this case, with Venus involved it could be another major investment company or bank going under.

    I would suggest you save your pennies. This tells us that the public will be sad, depressed and feeling very insecure. President Obama will clearly be dealing with overwhelming responsibilities he will have the weight of the world on his shoulders. The old adage of being careful of what you wish for, will be on the mind of our President. Oh, for those of you how think that his second swearing in changes everything, you are wrong. After he was originally sworn in she signed papers declaring him the President.

    If you have any comments or anything to add, feel free to contact me at arlenemnimark gmail. Abstract: Before computers BC , astrologers calculated charts using hand-held scientific calculators. As the chart unfolded house cusp by house cusp, planet by planet, motions, cycles, and aspects became more evident. This article will review some major cycles and explore the world of aspects used in Uranian astrology. Uranian astrology involves the use of both and 90 degree dials.

    This is where cycles come into play. Our growth is evaluated and we are weighed and measured by the pediatrician. This pattern is repeated monthly for the first year, as different foods are introduced to our diets and tastes are developed. Moon, food; sound familiar? In that period, teething occurred, plus crawling, walking by trial and plop many plops ; in that first year the child experienced three Mercury retrogrades. The Mercury experience has to do with watching, copying, and then thinking a process out for oneself. Venus teaches the child that smiles, sweetness, charming behavior and conniving will win out.

    In spite of all, optimism prevails, and at this time, plans for college are being hatched. At age six, the child has had six Solar, Mercury and Venus returns, three Mars returns, and the first Jupiter opposite Jupiter, and the child is in first grade with the pride of being in a learning class, at home. Another year goes by, and the child is seven years, in second grade and experiencing the first Saturn square Saturn. Responsibilities both in school and at home intensify, as rules, regulations, and punishments get stiffer.

    Now we jump to age This is the first Jupiter return, and puberty. Hair grows where hair has never grown before! For the moment, the native feels that anything is possible. This is followed by age 14 and the first Saturn opposition, with high school and stiffer rules and regulations. At age 18, high school is a thing of the past and off to college we go, and a larger playground looms ahead as Jupiter opposes Jupiter for the second time. Next we jump ahead to age 21 and the last Saturn square before the first Saturn return, with Uranus making its first square to its natal position.