Are aquarius and aquarius compatible friends

Through both their connections to the air element and the planets Uranus and Saturn, Aquarius people are hardwired to some of the most intricate spiritual knowledge in the universe. The Aquarius symbol, the water bearer, is said to represent how they as a single entity are carrying nourishing kindness and wisdom to their broader communities.

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Aquarius people are extremely altruistic and egalitarian, and things like the rich sneering at the poor rile them tremendously. Naturally, one might expect that if one Aquarius meets the other, this perspective would be shared by each. Yet so keen and refined is the individuality of any given Aquarius person, that an Aquarius and Aquarius relationship often has to get over the same ideological differences any other sign might face.

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For one thing, Aquarius people open up slowly with their emotions, not through fear, but simply through finding emotions a somewhat messy subject matter that affects clarity of thought. Aquarius people are sociable creatures, well-liked at gatherings and parties, and certainly always with a wittily worded quip for anyone they come across. Aquarius people have all kinds of esoteric facts, funny stories and acts of charity to bring to the table.

In respecting their differences, not falling into power struggles and keeping independence for all parties at the fore, there is every reason that an Aquarius and Aquarius relationship can succeed. Just keep a few dynamics in mind as we go. Whether he knows it or not, the Aquarius man is on a quiet little quest to make the world a better place. It could be his charitable donations, the nature of his work, his connection to his community and his roots, or even simply providing for his family to be the best they can be.

Some men prioritise their love lives, others their career, and others their hobbies and passions.

Friendship Compatibility for aquarius Sunsign And aquarius Sunsign | aquarius-aquarius friendship

Truly egalitarian, Aquarius affords each such part of him, and especially the people involved, utmost importance. He cannot abide the thought of putting one before the other. He needs to be patiently told how this can be jarring, and even then is unlikely to be apologetic for what he regards as his right to do things his way on his own time.

Aquarius & Aquarius // Compatibility

From the perspective of the Aquarius man dating an Aquarius woman, the same kinds of pros and cons arise, but manifested in slightly different ways. Seeing the world this way can be an isolating process, after all — and together, you can put your mutual love of helping your fellow man to good use by bringing forward exciting new community projects or ways in which you can enrich the lives of those around you. The only issue to keep in mind when dating an Aquarius woman is that she hates the idea of being stifled. An Aquarius and Aquarius friendship built on mutual respect and a shared understanding of how you each function has plenty of potential.

An Aquarius and Aquarius friendship will still suffer from the same complications anyone befriending an Aquarius has — easily derailed conversation topics, ducking out of events at the last minute, etc. Ideas will flow thick and fast in an Aquarius and Aquarius friendship, likely bringing with them a lot of laughter and vibrant thoughts.

The Aquarius Woman: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

Creativity is often highlighted between two Aquarius friends, and some fantastic art collaborations can flow from these alliances. Likewise, science and technology can be amplified through two Aquarius brains in tandem — such friends might collaborate developing a new app or gadget. Some will sadly drift apart, barely thinking of one another less than a year later, while others will stay long term friends and confidants over even the longest distances.

To many Aquarius people, marriage feels archaic — and many Aquarians never marry, either out of principle or simply through not meeting the right individual, or just not prioritising their love lives. However, many Aquarius marriages go on to be happy and long lasting, and the same can be said for Aquarius and Aquarius marriages, if a tolerant and balanced approach is taken.

A marriage is to give oneself entirely to another person, an issue an Aquarius person occasionally feels uncomfortable about — not through lack of commitment, but out of loss of freedom and self. There will be a lot of expected freedom in this marriage, but also a lot of it willingly given, since the Aquarians involved will be understanding of one another.

For instance, should one take a two week holiday out of the country and leave the partner behind, some couples might raise an eyebrow. Aquarius people get absorbed in their ideas and personal crusades, so much so that they might forget to include the partner altogether.

These Are The Most Compatible Zodiac Signs As Friends

If these differences can be worked through though, the potential for one of the most tolerant and compassionate marriages around exists. With their skills and mindsets combined, this duo can prove a real force for altruism and change in the world, creating long-standing projects and incentives to help the less fortunate in meaningful ways. That said, the very nature of an Aquarius means that the relationship as a whole will likely play out in an unconventional way.

Despite being married, the couple may predominantly live apart and only visit one another for a week or so a month, for example. To other zodiac signs in other marriages, this kind of matrimonial connection boggles the mind. What better way to go through life together. And these two horoscope signs sharing a life together will be quite a sight. Aquarians love the odd and unusual, and also attract the odd and unusual from the Cosmos. They revel in it.

You will understand and be compassionate to each other, and most likely will be each others best friends. Mentally, you match, but perhaps not in romance. However, the great conversation may well make it work. This is a love combination that could set examples for the people in the world.

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Both want to be joyful and eccentric all the time in life. Both have the same ideology in terms of living a life.

Are Aquarius and Leo the Perfect Match?

They might be different in terms of style but their mentality is the same hence they get along very well. Both love to have a friendly relationship between their love interests before falling madly in love with each other. This relationship couple would be fun to hang around with. The one thing to point out the same sign equals same traits.

At times there can be lots of immaturity and two people as stubborn as each other. Most the time though it will be calm and smooth sailing. You both have the ability to grow together in a very strong union. All you need to do is take the time and patience that you both have and make it happen. You will both have a lot in common since you both have similar makeup in essence sign wise. This will help you to find common ground on most topics. In the right situation the spark needed to light up your relationship will happen quickly. You might have moments of being mind blown when it comes to the sex you share together.

The passion you have will be very fiery and intense. Have you been in an Aquarius-Aqurius relationship?