Libra new years eve horoscope

If the idea of sharing your life or any significant portion of it with someone new brings you pause, think carefully about why that is. What are your plans for the future that may be positively impacted by your sharing that emotional, spiritual, or psychological load? From the smallest questions — when is the best time to visit the hospital? As you face down the challenges this new year will bring, feel secure in the knowledge of not only what you hope to accomplish, but when.

Welcome to , Taurus! This year, your mission is to find the people who consistently bring love, peace, and joy to your soul, and hold on to them. Life can be unpredictable, so you like to cope by maintaining a sense of order and control. A perfectly understandable urge, but this mindset can often lead to you missing on some of the most fascinating and powerful lessons life has to offer. This year, try to keep your eyes open and see what is being offered to you.

New adventures can be scary, but you only get one life to live! For inspiration, your lucky book this year tells the story of two young people whose talent, lust for life and love for each other led to them all sorts of new, life-altering places. A fantastical tale of chasing your dreams, or an escapist balm for your tentative soul? Taurus, as always, you decide. Gemini, you may find yourself approaching with the characteristic indecisiveness of your sign: you are of two minds about something critical, and desperate to find a solution. But it will greatly benefit you to tackle these areas of confusion head on, rather than allow the issues of to bleed into what could be a fresh start.

So take action: get serious about your fitness plan. Burn off some of that stress at the gym, on a yoga mat, or on the running track. And for your yearly literary inspiration, let the main character of your lucky book illuminate how not to go about your decision making! This slim novel is full to the brim of razor-sharp insight that will give you plenty to think about, both personally and on a broader cultural level. Sometimes, looking outward and gaining a wider perspective can be just as helpful, if not more.

Cancer, your word for the year is commitment.

Yes, there it is! A goal you can work towards, a theme you can build your decisions around, a clear goal post. People and situations will surprise you, and you will find yourself questioning some of your core beliefs. This is why it is so crucial to examine those very beliefs now, as well as your closest relationships and ambitions for the future. What has lingered that you feel ready to let go of? What decision or relationship or potential opportunity have you been wavering on, that finally deserves your full attention?

Let this be the year that you finally figure out what it is you want and need, and commit yourself fully to making those things happen — despite the obstacles that are sure to arise. Your lucky book this year is a true classic, and a testament to the power of the unshakable human will to persevere during even the toughest times.

What To Do On New Year's Eve, According To Your Zodiac Sign

And a commitment to being your most authentic self, no matter how unusual or nerdy! You can do this, Cancer. If it helps, let Oscar be your guide. Do you find that you adopt a new personality depending on your setting? How is that working for you? When the world demands much of you, knowing where home is becomes so much more important. Your lucky book this year will provide a very similar kind of comfort: a warm, intimate novel that deals movingly with the question of personal identity, and finding a home in the world and in other people.

Keep it close by for whenever you begin to feel a little lost. Happy New Year, go-getter Virgo! You thrive on the seductive promise of a fresh start, a crisp blank page. This is your year. What can you begin to create? What can you improve upon? Throwing yourself into a new or previously-started project will not only get your creative pistons firing again, but it has the added bonus of bringing you out of your self-imposed winter hibernation mode.

Even if the weather is still far too frightful to physically venture outside more than is absolutely necessary where you live, now is the time to remember you have a phone, and use it! Reach out to the people that you know you can rely on to hold you accountable, be honest with their feedback, and encourage even your zaniest ideas. These are the personal and professional relationships that will get you through another year of intense failures and triumphs as you hone your craft and calling. This year, your lucky book will remind you of how precious and temporary our time on earth is — and the boundless mystery that awaits us on the other side.

But for the time being, Virgo, enjoy and make the most of every moment. Time is precious. And in this new year, as you stare down a chance to begin anew, why not finally go after what you desire? You may be surprised at how much your self confidence improves once you stop denying yourself. Certain paths that may have seemed appealing before may suddenly reveal themselves to be unhealthy for you right now.

And vice versa! Your lucky book for will become a touchstone as you navigate this new unapologetic phase of your life, because practicing mercy — for yourself and others — is an absolute necessity.

If you want to consistently live with radical honesty, understand that bearing a compassionate mindset will go very, very far in helping to keep you sane. This will be quite a year for you, Libra! Are you ready? A brand new day! What will you do with it? Imagine if this was the year you tried all of those new things, and shamelessly enjoyed the sensation of taking risks for the hell of it! Your lucky book for is about a group of people who decide to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime, and leave behind a way of existence that most people never consider doing without. All in search of a simpler, more ethical life.

Sound impossible? Think again. Keep this close by when you start to doubt yourself: you can handle more than you may believe. Are you familiar with the serenity prayer, Sag? Life is going to have some very interesting lessons to teach you this year, but only if you let it. For you, giving in to this fear will mean fewer breakthroughs, opportunities, and chances for growth. In considering the black holes and the ingredients that make up our world, how earth-shattering do your troubles seem?

Better to watch the universe in action. NewYearNewYou indeed, Cap! Where do you want to be by December? What would you like to do away with? To develop? To learn? The only constant in life is change, and this year will be full of it. Redefining yourself is no small task, so employ whatever resources you need. Sign up for a lesson!

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If assertiveness is something that you could work on, this time of self-improvement is a fantastic time to start. Your read is a book of magnificent scope and emotional depth, following the lives of six friends from adolescence to adulthood. As their identities and passions shift, merge, and diverge, they learn lasting lessons about love, power, envy, and the way life can shake up your perceptions of what you once thought to be indelible truths.

Step into the shoes of these characters and absorb these lessons for yourself, Cap.

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A new day is on the horizon — are you ready? Believe that. The stars are aligning to put pep in your step and money in the bank! Allow your ambitions to soar, let yourself continue to dream big. Got it? Are you holding onto that image? This is your year to go after it. Get yourself a good planner and figure out some effective productivity tips. Has yoga always failed to actually quiet your mind?

Cancel your membership. Are you secretly a night owl? Make the majority of your friend group hangs happen at brunch. Hit the ground running with your lucky book for this year, guaranteed to set your mind buzzing with inspiration each time you pick it up. So go on! Welcome to the new year, Pisces! In , your social circle is going to undergo a makeover. But finding the tribe you want to keep close will take some effort on your part. Much of what is in store for you this year will involve embarking upon new adventures, engaging with the unknown.

And the people who encourage and accompany you will be absolute invaluable. Who do you see doing life with you, platonically or romantically, for the foreseeable future? What are the qualities you cherish in a close friend, and what do you have to offer? The connections you make this year will be some of the most transformative and lasting of your life, so keep your eyes open. In your lucky book for , a young student travels to the Middle East to find the manuscript of ancient love story. No matter what role you find yourself playing in your day-to-day life in — helper, lover, observer, dissenter — it is the relationships you build with those closest to you that will ultimately help you discover who you are.

It may take some digging to find those people, but trust me: the search is worth it. Aries: Work on taking things down a notch and give yourself more time before jumping into something. Libra: Vow to finally put your needs first for once and worry about everything else later. Scorpio: Vow to not be so quick to cut ties with someone because you assumed before checking. Capricorn: Set aside time for you, and doing whatever you want to do no matter how crazy it may seem.

Aquarius: Vow to take a break and not stress yourself out with people and situations that are negative.

Hard work pays off in 12222!

Jupiter in Scorpio, until Nov 8th, brings much needed intuition. Trust your gut, especially in personal matters. Negative vibes are more than just a sour taste in your mouth, if not dealt with quickly. The year of looks to be positive, however, it also seems to be the Light before the Darkness of Enjoy the Sun while it shines. What can you expect in the coming year? Aries: Mars and Uranus, retrograding in Aries, will give you enough energy to follow through your plans.

Arians can be sure that nothing will be able to stop them. The period from April to June of is especially advantageous for courageous actions. The coming year promises to be auspicious regarding your health as well.

Libra Horoscope 12222

In the second half of the year, your energy will start to decline, and you will need more rest. You will learn to appreciate family values more and feel the joy of having a better half. Single Arians will start thinking about marriage. In the sphere of money and career, you will experience some difficulties.

By the beginning of spring, you will manage to find an additional source of income that will help you to improve your wellbeing. Make sure you remain working with consistency. Taurus: At the beginning of the year, your ruling planet, Venus, will be in Scorpio, enhancing your diplomatic skills and making you more tolerant with others. Taureans will need to take their moods under control in order to save relationships.

In August, Uranus will help you improve your public image. Your love life is going to be unsteady. You will need to work hard trying to win the trust of your loved one. A somewhat selfish approach this year may lead you to relationships outside of marriage. Single Taureans will be in demand with the opposite sex. Still, is not the right moment for long-term commitments. It may sound basic, but eating, going to bed, and waking up at the same general times every day can do wonders for your vitality. Keep everything simple, including your diet and exercise. For Libra women, Saturn in your feminine fourth house can spotlight hormonal and reproductive health.

Home and family could be weighty topics in , as structured Saturn visits Capricorn and your domesticity zone. Your relationship with your mother or a female relative could go through a rocky but important transition. Have you outgrown your crew? Eclipses in your friendship sector this January and August can reshuffle your alliances. The year ends on a vibrant note once Jupiter starts a month visit to your social third house in November. Never miss a star-powered moment again! Order a book for just your sign or the complete Planner with forecasts for all 12 signs!

Mars moves from Pisces into Aries on the evening of the 31st, urging you to get out of the house and celebrate the future! The moon wanes in your sign this evening, magnifying your emotions. This NYE, you'll be well-served to get out into the world and let those feelings flow. The secret to having a great evening is to lower your expectations, then see where the night takes you.

Saturn will conjoin with the sun that night, too, putting everyone in a responsible mood. Uranus, your personal planet of home and family life, will move from your sixth house of health and work to your seventh house of relationships in March. The next seven years will be transformative for both singles and those in partnerships. For one thing, Jupiter, your personal planet of luck, is already in your sign and will stay there until early December For another, Saturn, your personal money planet, will conjoin with the sun on the 31st, helping you focus on where you can generate wealth for the new year.

Even though NYE is on a Monday, you should plan to party with your friends and loved ones while Uranus, the change bringer, is still in your fifth house of pleasure. The end of a Uranus transit is usually a happy one. Think of all of the lessons you learned just by living life to the fullest these past seven years.

This upcoming March, Uranus moves into your sixth house of health and work, helping you to cultivate strength and productivity for the next seven years. Make sure that your home is in order before , Cap. Mars, your planetary ruler of home and family life, will enter Aries that evening, urging you to create more harmony in your living space. If you decide to stay home, your friends will understand, since Saturn, your ruling planet, conjoins with the sun that night as well. Everyone will be in a bit of a somber mood, thanks to this movement.

Your love planet, the moon, will be waning in sensitive Scorpio. Singles may feel the same and opt to ring in the new year from their couches. Next March, Uranus, your financial planet, will move from your fourth house of home into your fifth house of pleasure. The next seven years will help you understand what makes you happy, and how that might change. Saturn, your personal planet of spirituality, will conjoin with the sun, your personal planet of love, that night, making this sort of bonding a priority.

The waning moon in Scorpio on the 31st will reflect and intensify your emotions regarding work, as it is a time of consolidation. Your ruling planet, Uranus, will move into your fourth house of home and family this March, creating waves of change for the next seven years. The moon, your personal planet of creativity and children, wanes in Scorpio. This may place you in an emotionally vulnerable place, particularly regarding your personal passion projects from the past year.

Mars, your planetary ruler of money, moves from your dreamy sign to Aries by the evening of the 31s. When the action planet is in Aries, he stirs your ambitions to increase your wealth. This March, Uranus, the ruler of innovation, will move from your second house of finances into your third house of communication. He will stay there for the next seven years, helping you turn your dreams into ideas that the rest of the world can grasp. Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?

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